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Barclays directors [lukewarm] purchase in placement at 282p

I’ve not a lot to say about the Directors of Barclays (BARC, 335p) buying in last weeks placement at 282p, except to say that 1. I can imagine that there must have been a lot of internal pressure on the directors of Barclays to subscribe for shares in the placement, and given that pressure, an […]

The week ahead: ARM, CPG, MSY, AMEC, CKSN, III, GFRM, ENO

I’m going to start to look more closely at using recent director dealing activity as a signal ahead of news. (I’m unsure about the reliability of what is essentially a long term signal being used as a forecast for short term movements in share prices. We’ll see how it goes shall we.) All stocks listed […]

ARM directors dip their toes in the water

Having been fantastic sellers, Warren East (CEO) and Tim Score (CFO) have started to buy back into ARM Holdings (ARM, 95p). They sold extremely well back in February 2006 at 136-137p, and in August 2007 at 152p, realising in the region of £1.5m each. This week they have spent some pocket money by investing almost […]

Intertek directors test the waters with purchases

Intertek (ITRK, 815p) on the 17th December announced a very upbeat trading statement, ahead of their December year end: ‘the group is expected to end 2008 with strong trading….expected to continue into 2009’. This was followed by ditrectors share purchases  as follows: CEO Wolfgang Hauser initiated a position by buying 1336 shares at 742p, Non […]

David Rough buys back into Xstrata at 1/5th of his sale price in March.

On October 12th I pointed to Xstrata (XTA, 862p) non execs purchases as an early positive (although not strong) signal for Xstrata “Xstrata non execs catch a falling knife”. I was particularly impressed by the volume and timing of selling by Xstrata management earlier in the year: “If we look back to earlier this year, […]

Market veteran buys back into IG Group

I’m sure Jonathan Davie wouldn’t appreciate the term ‘veteran’, but having entered the world of stock-jobbing with the firm of George Hill on the Stock Exchange floor in 1969, I’m happy to classify him as one of the more experienced men working today, with three, now four, bear markets under his belt. I’ve worked with Davie, […]

TT Electronics sees acceleration in director buying activity

From November 2007 to September 2008, directors of TT Electronics (TTG, 45p, Small Cap)  bought roughly 200,000 shares. In October 2008 the activity accelerated, with five of the groups seven directors buying over 1.3m shares. The directors dealing activity exhibited other favourable characteristics such as a significant % increase in shareholdings of the directors who […]

Genus breeding positive directors (five out of six buying shares)

Previously the subject of ‘bid talk’, five out of the six directors of Genus plc have bought shares since February, at prices in a surprisingly narrow range of between 680p and 720p. The latest buyer was yesterday.

Three AMEC directors bought shares last week – strong message

On April 25th we saw Samir Brikho, CEO of Amec (AMEC, 525p), increasing his holding by 50% and investing close to GBP 500k ‘Amec– a difference of opinion CEO buys, CFO sells.’    On Friday October 10th Brikho bought a further 50,000 shares at 497p, investing GBP 250k, taking his holding to 232,000 shares. Other […]