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Brambles (BXB) – close negative view with 20% relative return.

Now that the market seems to have woken up to the risks at Brambles (BXB, 210p, A$ 4.96) from a slowdown in world trade, and pricing pressure, I’m happy to close my negative view on Brambles. We initially warned of the downside risk in the group following a directors share sale (Craig van der Laan […]

Brambles (BXB)- prickly results, stock falls 12%

Brambles (BXB, $5.64) disappoints.  Stock falls 12%. We warned last week of the inherent risk in these interim results, in ‘Brambles- thorny results due February 19th’. Management must have thought it prudent to release results a few days earlier than expected. We first highlighted a negative opinion on the stock following Craig van der Laans […]

Brambles – thorny results due Feb 19th

I’ve noticed on my Google calendar that Brambles (BXB, 280p) Interims to December 2008 are due February 19th. Then I look at the recent share price movement, sharply lower over the week, falling by about 10%, and I wonder if the insiders are aware of pending bad news. Craig van der Laan, Head of CHEP […]

Brambles (BXB) slide 14% on results. Now down 23% since director sold.

I notice today the big underperformer in Sydney today is Brambles (BXB, A$ 7.45). Poor results and some spiel about weakening consumer spending in the US, and the fact that they still haven’t resolved the Walmart negotiations (see Bloomberg comment here). Lets step back to my comments of March 23rd :‘Brambles directors have been buying […]

Brambles director continues selling ahead of ‘trading update’ June 24

On March 23rd (BXB A$9.63) I expressed intrigue that a director of Brambles (BXB, 380p), Craig van der Laan, should be selling. See ‘Brambles directors sale- economic slowdown starting to hit?’. On April 18th (BXB A$9.03) Brambles shares ‘slump’ by 10% after an admission that the supply agreement with Walmart was under review (see Bloomberg […]

Brambles directors sale- Economic slowdown starting to hit ?

Brambles Ld (BXB, 424p) has a secondary listing in London, and a primary listing in Sydney. I noticed a director selling £702k of shares, way down from the high, and wonder if this is a result of a slowdown in revenue at the group. Brambles directors have been buying through 2006 and 2007, at prices […]