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Carnival (CCL) directors continue share sales

Yesterday Carnival (CCL, 1411p) announced hat two directors had sold shares. In fact both Peter Ratcliffe, Board director, and David Dingle, CEO of Carnival UK, had both exercised options and sold the resulting shares, Ratcliffe realising GBP 240k, and Dingle realising GBP 45k. If a director sells sufficient shares to pay his/her taxes due on […]

Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL)- customers spending power collapsing

Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL, 1420p) are being squeezed. ‘The average passenger’s age is 45+’ (, and those potential customers of Carnival are being squeezed in their spending power by falling interest rates, falling pension and savings valuations, and other pressures on them such as highlighted in Saturdays Telegraph: “A Daily Telegraph survey – the first […]

Weekly review Nov 2nd- Directors signal market bottom, UK Engineers, Allscripts-Misys, Carnival.

Directors Buying signalling market bottom? I was surprised on Friday to see such a turnaround in directors sentiment ‘Directors ARE buying shares. Buys outnumber Sells 10 to 1’. Data on Directors Dealings from Digitallook (site here) showed that over the month of October Directors Buys in the FT 350 companies outnumbered Directors Sells by almost […]

Carnival – second director sells raising $2.5m

Carnival yesterday August 11th announced further director selling. I believe this to be a significant negative indicator. Please go to this post for full details.

Carnival Cruise – two directors sales raise more than $4m

Robert Dickinson, a board member and former President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines at Carnival (CCL, 1793p) is using the recent bounce in the share price from a low of 1450p to sell down his holding in the Carnival and P&O cruise line business. On June 24th he sold 18,000 shares at 1761p, realising […]

Weekly review November 9th: HSBC, Misys-Allscripts, Haynes, Intl Personal Finance, Directors Buys vs Sells

HSBC- ‘Emerging Markets under Great Stress’ In his letter to the G 20 leaders on November 6, IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that emerging markets were now under great stress as the “capital flows that have sustained growth dry up across the board” (Source-IMF website). The Observer advises that investors will anxiously scan HSBCs third […]

Directors selling where I interprete the action to send a STRONG signal are…

My last post listed companies selected so far this year for a high level of conviction (or Strong signal) in directors buying shares. Below I list companies selected so far this year for directors SELLING, where I believe the actions of the directors to be a STRONG signal for investors. Those companies are as follows […]