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Dana Petroleum – profits ‘surge’, shares up 47%. Thanks Tom.

Tom Cross, CEO of Dana Petroleum (DNX 1223p) has a great track record- again! Back in June last year he and a colleague, David MacFarlane exercised options and sold significant amounts of shares in Dana Petroleum (DNX, 1223p) at close to 19 pounds a share. In the market turmoil of October Cross bought shares back […]

Dana Petroleum – CEO invests at 853p having sold at 1886p in June.

Only last week, October 15th, followthedirectors wrote ‘Technical director thinks DANA Petroleum undervalued‘. One day later. the CEO Tom Cross, and one of the non executive directors Philip Dayer, also bought shares in Dana Petroleum (DNX, 831p). Non exec Philip Dayer bought 5787 shares at 864p, taking his holding to 9387 shares. CEO Cross bought 43490 […]

Technical director thinks DANA Petroleum undervalued

Thomas Cross (CFO) and David McFarlane (CFO) pretty much called the top on Dana in June this year when they exercised options to buy shares at 236p and 414p respectively, and then sold them at 1886p and 1881p respectively. They took GBP 4 million and GBP 1.76m respectively out of Dana Petroleum (DNX, 1037p) within […]