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Vodafone, Eaga and QinetiQ all disclose that non execs are buying shares

We’ve found that non execs outperform execs by somewhere between 7% and 11% amongst the directors dealing transactions we have observed over the last 18 months. We are unsure as to whether this outperformance is a feature of bear markets, or will continue when share markets are rallying. Our thesis when we started followthedirectors was […]

Eaga – close ‘STRONG’ positive signal with 27% relative return

Eaga (EAGA, 112.5p), the UK heating system provider for social housing, has announced that the CEO and CFO are each selling 1.1m shares ‘to satisfy tax liabilities incurred at IPO which are due shortly, ……..and to provide an element of liquidity‘ (Company statement November 25th, source London Stock Exchange). In April eaga directors bought shares, taking […]

April recap – directors dealing ‘signals’: Diageo, Cairn, Amec, eaga, Galiform, Connaught

I want to recap here posts that I wrote last month, with the absolute and relative performance of shares to today. To see the original posts I am referring to, look for the title to the left of here, or type the company name into the ‘Search’ box. April 3rd Diageo DGE 1055p NEGATIVE CALL […]

Connaught (directors selling) vs eaga (directors buying)

I commented the other day that I believed eaga (EAGA, 124p) to be unloved, unknown and out of favour, but with directors buying prompting a ‘look again’ signal for investors (see post here). Then I see that two days ago, Mark Tincknell, the Executive Chairman of Connaught (CNT, 396p) had been selling down his position […]

eaga – directors buying again

eaga (EAGA, 135p) is a little understood company. It is more than 51% owned by its employees and directors, is trading below it’s IPO price of 181p, and its activities encompass something investors have little experience in, namely working with social housing providers and utilities in the replacement of heating systems. The shares recently ‘collapsed’ […]

Connaught – do you remember Tincknells sale in April 2008 at 375p?

I’m a little surpised at the extent of Connaughts (CNT, 11p) fall from grace, but not by its direction. Founder and CEO Mark Tincknell sold a third of his holding at close to four pounds (375p) not so long ago. He, or was it the brokers who placed the stock, claimed it was ‘to satisfy […]

Directors selling where I interprete the action to send a STRONG signal are…

My last post listed companies selected so far this year for a high level of conviction (or Strong signal) in directors buying shares. Below I list companies selected so far this year for directors SELLING, where I believe the actions of the directors to be a STRONG signal for investors. Those companies are as follows […]

A reminder of directors buys with a ‘strong signal’

I’m off on hols tomorrow for a week. Before then I want to remind you of the “STRONG SIGNAL’ companies where we’ve seen directors buying shares. A STRONG signal involves more than one director buying shares, in significant size both in terms of amount of money and as a proportion of previously existing shareholding. So […]