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Emap- directors believed emap worth more than the market

I missed this clear signal from the Emap directors. I noticed two of them (Cathcart and Griffiths) buying up stock on the 11th of December, and missed announcements of further director activity which strongly reinforced the signal… 7th December Emap announces ‘ has terminated all discussions with parties interested in Emap Communications’. Share price falls […]

Fiberweb buying continues – directors treble holdings over last four months

It was announced yesterday that John Juric, a PDMR [senior manager] of Fiberweb (FWEB, 52p), had on September 8th invested GBP 52,000 by buying 100,000 shares at between 52p and 52.2p. This led me to review recent director buying at Fiberweb. Directors of the group have trebled their positions in Fiberweb by buying over 1.2 […]