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Hargreaves Lansdown- update- selling only warrants a ‘WEAK’ signal

When I wrote my post of September 15th  ‘Hargreaves Lansdown- more selling, signal strength now STRONG’, I was unaware of the reason for so many share sales. The reason directors of Hargreaves Lansdown (HL. 182p)  have been selling is that this is the anniversary of their listing (see Citywire article here), and the lock up […]

Hargreaves Lansdown- more selling – signal strength now ‘STRONG’

Over a tense weekend for the 25,000 employees of Lehman, praying for a rescue package, I spot further director selling at Hargreaves Lansdown (HL., 191p). On September 9th we saw the CFO Martin Mulligan and his Accounting colleague Tracy Taylor selling down less than 10% of their holdings. On September 11th the Group Compliance Director […]

Hargreaves Lansdown – ‘volatility will impact profit growth’ – CFO selling

I’ve looked at the Hargreaves Lansdown (HL. , 190p) share price performance since the results on August 27th. The shares moved from 161p to a high of 209p, and are now off the top at 190p. So a more than 25% uplift after a great set of results (to June 2008). Of note was an […]

Directors selling where I interprete the action to send a STRONG signal are…

My last post listed companies selected so far this year for a high level of conviction (or Strong signal) in directors buying shares. Below I list companies selected so far this year for directors SELLING, where I believe the actions of the directors to be a STRONG signal for investors. Those companies are as follows […]

Weekly Review – September 28th: ITV, Axis Shield, Rathbone, Reckitt, RBS, AIG, Tate and Lyle

Firstly I want to thank all of the respondents to my question as to how to improve this website. I very much appreciate you taking the time to help me improve this product. THANKYOU. If you have any further comments, please send them in ! A summary of my thoughts from last week (click on […]

Rathbone private client managers sell down holdings

  Up almost 50% from Julys low (730p), Rathbone (RAT, 1060p) (chart) are seeing a couple of their Executive Directors take advantage of a strong share price to reduce their exposure. Richard Smeeton has sold (on 19/9/08) 12,000 shares at 1035p taking his holding to 115,673 shares, and Andrew Morris has sold (23/9/08) 11,791 shares […]

Weekly review, and a question for you.

Wow. Aren’t you exhausted? What a week that was. Thrilling too. You never knew what was going to come at you next! Question for you:   How can I improve my commentary on directors dealings, or change the layout of these pages so that the information is more easily accessible by you. Please type your comments and any […]

4. Information Sources for Directors Dealings

Click on the blue type- which contains a link to the information source. Hargreaves Lansdown– source commentary on Directors Dealings from Sharecast. Yahoo– gives Directors trades by date and by stock name. Digital Look– Recent Directors Deals and Director Dealings News. Great charting facility shows historic deals. – Directors Dealings sourced from Digital Look- […]

1. Why look at directors share purchases?

‘Insider purchases, and not analyst recommendations, possess incremental predictive power for future stock returns’ (Hsieh, Ng and Wang, 2003- Analyst Stock Recommendations and Insider Trading Activities. Why look at directors share purchases? I’ve spent years and years listening to what directors of listed companies say. I find their body language, relationships with each other, and […]