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Weekly Review- November 16th: HSBC, De La Rue, Allscripts, GKN, IMI, Babcock, Rentokil, TT Electronics

Lets start with the good news! We’ve closed our cautious view on HSBC (November 14th article here), with a 10% absolute return or a 20% relative return over a month. We linked directors share sales with an expected increase in negative newsflow over China’s economy, and saw the shares weaker to reflect this. Maybe this is […]

HSBC- recent negative news on China now mostly in the share price.

Follow up on our HSBC call of October 12th: Recent negative newsflow for HSBC (HSBA, 702p) is now mostly in the price. ‘The extent of the slowdown in the Chinese economy became clearer on Thursday when the government disclosed that the rate of increase of industrial production had dropped to the lowest level in seven […]

Weekly review November 9th: HSBC, Misys-Allscripts, Haynes, Intl Personal Finance, Directors Buys vs Sells

HSBC- ‘Emerging Markets under Great Stress’ In his letter to the G 20 leaders on November 6, IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that emerging markets were now under great stress as the “capital flows that have sustained growth dry up across the board” (Source-IMF website). The Observer advises that investors will anxiously scan HSBCs third […]

HSBC – directors sell- ‘credit tightening’ now hitting China growth

In HSBC (HSBA, 790p) I see a strong, well managed, diversified global bank, with a higher exposure to the growth markets of Asia than its (now nationalised) compatriots on the London Stock Exchange. I notice though the first significant signs of Chinese slowdown in the announcement on Thursday by Australia Iron Ore producer Mt Gibson (MGX, 71c)  that […]

BHP directors buying NOT a positive signal

There are many reasons directors buy and sell shares. It is finding a pattern and a track record that is key to working out whether the directors dealings you witness have any validity as a signal for investors. I noticed some buying of BHP (BLT, 1191p) a week ago, on December 1st  by Mr A Mackenzie, who […]

RBS directors outperform FTSE by 18%.

Today reports on RBS: ‘ Sir Fred Goodwin, chief executive, said the bank had been “comparatively unaffected” by turbulence in world markets and the write-down because of credit market moves would be a net £950m in the second half. This is below the £1bn to £2bn range of expectations.’ On November 12th followthedirectors reported: […]

Strong message from RBS

Five non exec directors of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) last week bought shares at between 403p and 423p. They increased their shareholdings by a significant amount, by between 25 and 150%, and put in between £40k and £495k of their own money. For a bank which is supposedly sitting on possible losses of several […]