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Liberty International (LII) – look to close bear view on expected share offering

Wow- ‘Liberty undermined by fundraising chatter’ (Independent)’ (LII, 365p) Sounds very underhand to me. But wait – only a month ago, Liberty International announced results and said they ‘intend to take further action to improve our liquidity and financial strength, including potential further asset sales and new capital raising’ (February 26th Liberty International Preliminary Results […]

Liberty International shares continue to be vulnerable

Back in August last year, we noticed that despite excitement over a potential bid for Liberty International (LII, 522p), senior management in the form of a Harold Newton was selling shares. Unusual behaviour if you think there could soon be a bid on the table (see August 31st ‘Liberty International- PDMR selling’). Since our caution, […]

Liberty International – PDMR selling

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Liberty International (LII, 984p) recently, with two ‘stakebuilders’ active (see Times comment below) So it is interesting to see an announcement on Friday about a PDMR (senior management) individual exercising options and selling all the shares. ‘Normal’ behaviour across most situations where options are exercised, is to sell […]

Liberty Internationals Gordon buys shares. So what.

Graeme Gordon, son of the founder of Liberty Intl (LII, 958p) Sir Donald Gordon,  and Non Executive Director, has invested £250k in Liberty International shares at 992p. I looked back at historic trading, and Gordon nailed this one back in May 2006, when he bought 43,000 shares at 1001p. By the end of the year […]