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Weekly review November 9th: HSBC, Misys-Allscripts, Haynes, Intl Personal Finance, Directors Buys vs Sells

HSBC- ‘Emerging Markets under Great Stress’ In his letter to the G 20 leaders on November 6, IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that emerging markets were now under great stress as the “capital flows that have sustained growth dry up across the board” (Source-IMF website). The Observer advises that investors will anxiously scan HSBCs third […]

Weekly review Nov 2nd- Directors signal market bottom, UK Engineers, Allscripts-Misys, Carnival.

Directors Buying signalling market bottom? I was surprised on Friday to see such a turnaround in directors sentiment ‘Directors ARE buying shares. Buys outnumber Sells 10 to 1’. Data on Directors Dealings from Digitallook (site here) showed that over the month of October Directors Buys in the FT 350 companies outnumbered Directors Sells by almost […]

Misys CEO buys $350k position in MDRX (Allscripts in the US)

Mike Lawrie, CEO of Misys plc (MSY, 118p), and Chairman of Allscripts after Misys completed a purchase of the majority of the shares in the company, has bought 70,000 shares in Allscripts at $5.0921 (27th October- source London Stock Exchange– type MSY into Code box). Lawrie already has a $1m shareholding in Misys (excluding his […]

Misys – Directors continue to buy- in size

I noted on Match 31st that I had seen significant buying by the CEO, CFO and Chairman of Misys (MSY, 172p). (link to note of 31/3 here). Misys are up more than 35% relative to the FTSE250 index since March 31st, fuelled recently by some outstanding results and a positive outlook (July 24th comment by […]

mmmmmm Misys – ‘Turnaround Strategy’ working?

Misys'(MSY. 137p) CEO, CFO and Chairman have increased their positions by between 14%, 50% and 60% respectively, buying shares at between 135p and 136p last Friday. Results imminent? No. We had an interim update (upbeat) and a share placing (at 175p) on the 18th March. Track record? No. Management have been buying shares down from […]

Allscripts (MDRX) comes off ‘positive’ list with 96% return.

It wasn’t that long ago (end of October), when Allscripts were trading at around $5, that we spotted an announcement by Misys (MSY, 124p) that their CEO, Mike Lawrie, was buying shares in Allscripts (MDRX, $10.84), the medical software group in which Misys own a majority position.¬† Lawrie was followed shortly afterwards in his purchases […]

Weekly Review- November 16th: HSBC, De La Rue, Allscripts, GKN, IMI, Babcock, Rentokil, TT Electronics

Lets start with the good news! We’ve closed our cautious view on HSBC (November 14th¬†article here), with a 10% absolute return or a 20% relative return over a month. We linked directors share sales with an expected increase in negative newsflow over China’s economy, and saw the shares weaker to reflect this. Maybe this is […]

A reminder of directors buys with a ‘strong signal’

I’m off on hols tomorrow for a week. Before then I want to remind you of the “STRONG SIGNAL’ companies where we’ve seen directors buying shares. A STRONG signal involves more than one director buying shares, in significant size both in terms of amount of money and as a proportion of previously existing shareholding. So […]

The week ahead: ARM, CPG, MSY, AMEC, CKSN, III, GFRM, ENO

I’m going to start to look more closely at using recent director dealing activity as a signal ahead of news. (I’m unsure about the reliability of what is essentially a long term signal being used as a forecast for short term movements in share prices. We’ll see how it goes shall we.) All stocks listed […]