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Savills up 16% relative since director sale and subsequent profit warning

Savills update: There is no new news at Savills (SVS, 252p), save improving sentiment on UK rate cuts, which has resulted in great share performance (up 16% re FTSE 250 since Savills director Simon Hope sold shares on September 12th, and up 14% relative to the market since the group announced a profit warning on […]

Savills shares down 10% ‘to miss earnings estimates’ – no kidding – director sold five weeks ago

September 12th: Simon Hope, Savills (SVS, 205p) Executive Director with responsibility for Capital Markets, sells 62283 Savills shares at 295p, taking his holding to 87,547 shares and raising GBP 183,797.     September 16th: followthedirectors comments: ‘Savills – further to fall – Directors sell’ October 17th : ‘Savills Says Earnings Will Miss Analysts’ Estimates’ (Bloomberg article) : ‘this year’s […]

Savills – further to fall – Directors sell

It seems to me as if Savills (SVS, 266p) are almost a second derivative on the UK housing market. Not only are there huge swings in sentiment on housing, but these seem to play out with greater amplitude in the Savills share price. Of course Lehmans demise will impact the London housing market. Not only by Lehman […]

Savills up 50% this year, results Wednesday. Watch out.

I was just looking at the forthcoming news, and see that Savills (SVS, 344p ) have their results this week (Wednesday March 12th). A pretty non committal trading statement in January, and decent performance by the Real Estate sector (Savills classified by FTA as Real Estate) mean that this stock has been a great performer. […]

Barratt – look for buying opportunities

Barratt (BDEV,  80.25p) directors have been actively buying into the group since November, initiating or significantly increasing their personal holdings as follows (Source: London Stock Exchange): November 18th Robert Lawson, Non exec Chairman, bought 151,000 shares at 65.3p, and now holds the same amount. November 20th Mark Rolfe, Non exec director, bought 30,000 shares at […]

Directors selling where I interprete the action to send a STRONG signal are…

My last post listed companies selected so far this year for a high level of conviction (or Strong signal) in directors buying shares. Below I list companies selected so far this year for directors SELLING, where I believe the actions of the directors to be a STRONG signal for investors. Those companies are as follows […]

Weekly review, and a question for you.

Wow. Aren’t you exhausted? What a week that was. Thrilling too. You never knew what was going to come at you next! Question for you:   How can I improve my commentary on directors dealings, or change the layout of these pages so that the information is more easily accessible by you. Please type your comments and any […]

Real Estate agents – time to buy?

On March 10th I warned, ahead of results, that the risk was on the downside for Savills (SVS, 221p). (See my comment here). Since that date, Savills are down 37% in absolute terms, and down 27% relative to the FTSE 250. Over the last few weeks however we’ve seen a bit of life come back […]

Housebuilders- too early to buy

In mid October we saw three directors (two executive, one non exec) buying significant positions in Barratt Developments (BDEV) . Was this in anticipation of Gordon Browns aggressive house building targets for the UK in order to satisfy housing demand? Conversely Simon Hope, director of Savills (SVS) , last week exercised some share options and […]