Click on the blue type- which contains a link to the information source.

Hargreaves Lansdown– source commentary on Directors Dealings from Sharecast.

Yahoo– gives Directors trades by date and by stock name.

Digital Look– Recent Directors Deals and Director Dealings News. Great charting facility shows historic deals. – Directors Dealings sourced from Digital Look- good summary page

Sharecast – from where Hargreaves and Yahoo source their commentary.

Directors Deals – subscription based service. Gives weightings according to perceived relevance of the transaction.

London Stock Exchange Market News– filter enables access to directors deals as they are announced.

DGAP– for German corporates. I haven’t started to look at these yet.

For US sources tracking Insiders see this article on Barrons: ‘Where to track money flows’ April 21st 2008.

Bloomberg – publish a monthly summary of insider activity, usually on the first business day of the following month. This list is quite useful in prompting further research, but bear in mind that Bloomberg don’t filter out the ‘Executive Share Plan’ (and similar) deals, whereby the director gets allocated ‘free’ shares usually dependent on group financial performance against set targets. Would you buy shares if there was a good chance of getting one share ‘free’ for every share you bought?

For Australian Directors Dealings follow this link to Directors Transactions, a website published by The Intelligent Investor Newsletter.

For data on US insider trnsactions, provide a subscription based service.