Over the last two weeks two non exec directors at Experian have been buying up shares, at between 410p and 427p (close last night 427.75p). They are Fabiola Arredondo, who was MD of Yahoo Europe between 1997 and 2001, and Sean Fitzpatrick, previously CEO of Anglo Irish Bank.

Fitzpatrick committed a miserly £70k to Experian shares this week. I say miserly because last week he spent Euro 500k buying Anglo Irish shares, in which he now has a Eu 50m position. I’d like to see a bit more commitment to Experian from Fitzpatrick.

Arredondo meanwhile committed £176k to Experian. This is her first real purchase since the company was demerged from GUS in October 2006

Fabiola Arredondo, Non exec Experian Roger Davis, Experian Non Exec

Another Non Exec, who has been quietly buying shares, is Roger Davis, ex CEO of Barclays UK. He has invested between £600-650k at prices between 410p and 430p, over the last two months.

Also to note: Competitor Equifax in the US (EFX) is 20% off its highs this year, Experian (EXPN) around 35% down.

This is definitely a space to watch.