Take a look at this wise wise man. John Carey, Chairman of Wolfson Microelectronics (WLF 208.5p).

John Carey, Wolfson Chairman

In 1969 he founded Advanced Micro Devices.

In 2000 he became Chairman of Wolfson.

Last year, March to May 2006, he sold 400,000 shares in Wolfson at an average price of 488.25p. He even managed to sell half of these shares at a penny above the all time high close, at 557p!!

Between November 16th and December 18th 2007 he has bought them all back, at an average price of 205p. That is 58% below where he sold them.

Yes, he does own almost 4.4m shares. But this was such a good trade, and this guy is so knowledgable, I thought it worth mentioning.