‘EasyJet slides as planes fly with empty seats’

Easyjet shares have recently taken a nosedive, prompting four directors to increase their holdings by a significant amount (Michels- Non exec, Browett- Non exec, Chandler- Chairman, and Harrison- CEO).

It is the Chairman, Sir Colin Chandler, who has the best track record. He has bought stock three times in the last five years. Within 10-12 months of his purchase, on each occasion, the share price has appreciated by between 70% to 110%.

Sir Colin Chandler

February 2003- paid 205p. easyjet shares traded at 370p 10 months later.

August 2004- paid 140p. easyjet shares traded at 300p 12 months later.

February 2006- paid 378p. easyjet shares traded at 650p 10 months later.

January 2008- paid 424p.

OK, so Chandler never banked his profits. But from the evidence above he clearly recognises a buying opportunity. An example I’m happy to follow.