Have a look at this article in todays FT. Sometimes director buying activity signals a market turn. I don’t have the data to prove it, but it is one of many indicators that could support a change in direction for stock markets.

‘Senior US company executives bought more shares than they sold last month for the first time in 13 years’……………. see FT article

I look also at directors buying activity by sector. I made what was a controversial call at the time, on the back of directors buying activity in the Real Estate sector (see entry of November 25th). Since then the sector is up 10%, and the FT All Share index down 2%, so a relative outperformance of 12%.

Since January 17th, when I highlighted directors buying outpacing selling, we have seen the Travel and Leisure sector outperforming the All Share by 7%, and the Construction and Materials sector by 2%. Early days I feel for these two.