Having been fantastic sellers, Warren East (CEO) and Tim Score (CFO) have started to buy back into ARM Holdings (ARM, 95p). They sold extremely well back in February 2006 at 136-137p, and in August 2007 at 152p, realising in the region of £1.5m each.

This week they have spent some pocket money by investing almost £25k each at 94p. I’d like to see them invest more of their (well sold/raised) cash, but if they are as good at timing the buys as the sells, then this could turn into a decent signal.

Of more interest is Non Exec Young Sohn’s maiden purchase of 156,000 shares at 97p. Sohn joined the board in April 2007, and is using current weakness as a buying opportunity. Have a look at his bio, and you’ll find someone extremely well connected within Silicon Valley.