Graeme Gordon, non exec Liberty International

Graeme Gordon, son of the founder of Liberty Intl (LII, 958p) Sir Donald Gordon,  and Non Executive Director, has invested £250k in Liberty International shares at 992p.

I looked back at historic trading, and Gordon nailed this one back in May 2006, when he bought 43,000 shares at 1001p. By the end of the year he was up 40% on that trade. His co directors started selling ap at the £14 level in late 2006 early 2007, and have sold down to 1120p in late 2007.

So yes, Gordons trade looks interesting from a timing point of view.

BUT – why bother? He’s already got £15m in Liberty shares in his own name, and must have claims on a significant portion of the ‘Gordon Family Interests’ £730m worth of Liberty Intl shares.

So even though this looks interesting, I’m going to discount the value of this signal due the the tiny increase in share ownership by Gordon. Now if he invested £5m, that would be a different matter…..