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On February 28th I highlighted significant buying activity by the COO, CFO and CEO of Robert Walters (RWA, 165p) (see comment here). At times the shares have been decent performers, but have now drifted back below the FTSE 250 performance since Feb 28th.

We did see however a non exec, Martin Griffiths, last week buying 12,000 shares at 167p.

Peanuts in terms of ££ compared to the guys above, however Griffiths’ purchase takes the number of directors buying to four out of eight.

I don’t expect any near term news, but note that Robert Walters has been the subject of bid rumours in the past. One to watch.

Way back in December I pointed to ‘wise man’ Carey buying into Wolfson (WLF, 137p) shares (see note of December 21st ‘Wise of Wolfson buys back 58% cheaperhere).

But the shares continued to drift as Carey bought at lower and lower prices. Then the news that Wolfsons contract with Apple had not been renewed (see Times comment here) caused a 30% drop in the share price. Wolfson hit a low of 99p, and my jaw hit the floor too!.

But over the last two months Carey has been joined in his enthusiasm for Wolfson shares by three other non execs:

19th March Rob Eckelmann buys 7500 shares at 128p. He now owns 30,000 shares.

25th April Barry Rose buys 15,000 shares at 136p. He now owns 38,000 shares, and on

1st and 8th of May Michael Ruetggers, the non exec Chairman of Wolfson, buys 200,000 shares at 140p. He now owns 300,000 shares.

I am happier seeing four directors of Wolfson buying shares than one director. I take their mutual enthusiasm for Wolfson as a very positive (long term) sign.

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