It was reported to the London Stock Exchange that the Finance Director of BT Group (BT.A, 171.3p) Hanif Lalani, had bought 58,515 shares in BT at 170.90p, investing £100,000.

Although this increases Lalanis position in BT by more than 50% (to 169,812 shares) I view this move as being of little use as a signal to investors.

1. Lalani is acting alone amongst the board members in buying BT shares. A stronger signal would be generated by other board members buying.

2. £100k is not significant in the context of Lalanis income, and probably not in terms of his net wealth either. Hanif Lalanis income including benefits but excluding any ratchet on his deferred bonus plan amounted to £1,076,000 last year (source: BT 2008 annual report).