The former Scottish Media Group, now SMG (SMG, 11.75p), have seen three directors buying shares over the last week, at around 1/10th of the price of SMG just over two years ago.

In my mind these purchases are relatively small, with each director committing between GBP 10k to GBP 18k, but the increase in holding and the ‘grouping’ of three directors buying within days of each other drew my attention to this company.

Jamie Matheson, Non Exec director, on September 1st bought 250,000 shares at 9.25p, taking his holding to 250,000 shares,

Rob Woodward, CEO, on September 5th bought 175,000 shares at 10.5p, taking his holding to 400,000 shares, and

George Watt, CFO, on September 5th bought 100,000 shares at 10.5p, taking his holding to 372,000 shares.

Due to the low $$ value committed, but a significant increase in holdings and the number of directors buying, SMG ranks a ‘MEDIUM strength’ in terms of the value of the directors dealings as a signal to investors.