‘Founded over twenty years ago, System C has built up expertise in nearly every area of healthcare IT and medical software interfacing.  System C works right across the healthcare sector, and with all types of clinical information systems, including patient-based IT systems.’  (Source- System C Healthcare website)

I was drawn to this stock by a flurry of director activity, where three directors invested [a small amount of money] around GBP 16k-20k each (September 10th, Ian Denley CEO, Markus Bolton Strategy and Sales, and Andrew Coll CFO- source London Stock Exchange).

Whilst not significant in $$ size or % increase in holdings, having the CEO, CFO and Head of Sales and Strategy all buying shares 50% more expensive than last week certainly got me thinking.

At the end of May (then 28p) System C Healthcare (SYS,now 42p) announced they would beat market expectations. They clearly have, given the share price move.

These are the first directors share purchases since System C was listed on AIM at 54p in June 2005.

Have a look at the results, especially the high level of cash generation.

I’d have this as a ‘STRONG signal’ if the directors purchases were more substantial.

Until then System C’s director dealing activity justifies a  ‘MEDIUM strength signal’