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When I wrote my post of September 15th  ‘Hargreaves Lansdown- more selling, signal strength now STRONG’, I was unaware of the reason for so many share sales.

The reason directors of Hargreaves Lansdown (HL. 182p)  have been selling is that this is the anniversary of their listing (see Citywire article here), and the lock up for part of their shares falls away.

This in my mind justifies the share sales as the directors are probably diversifying their financial assets. Although you might question whether they would all rush for the exit if there was good news ahead!

As a result of this I believe these sales have a lower value to investors, and I am moving the Signal strength indicator from STRONG signal to WEAK signal.

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Thomas Cross (CFO) and David McFarlane (CFO) pretty much called the top on Dana in June this year when they exercised options to buy shares at 236p and 414p respectively, and then sold them at 1886p and 1881p respectively.

They took GBP 4 million and GBP 1.76m respectively out of Dana Petroleum (DNX, 1037p) within 5% of the high (1972p in May).

So it is interesting to see a whisper of positive news just this last week as two directors buy shares.

Brian Johnston, a non exec, on October 8th bought 6000 shares at 908p, inititaing a position in the company.

Two days later, on October 10th, Stuart Paton, the Technical and Commercial Director, bought 9179 shares at 894p, taking his position to 32,529 shares.

Between them they have committed GBP 137k to the company, which is minimal when compared with the money taken out by the CFO and CEO in June.

It is however an important signal to investors, which may establish a level of support for the shares.

Please also note that we have recently seen hesitant director purchases in other natural resources stocks including Xstrata, Cairn Energy, and Premier Oil.

View on Dana: Positive, Directors are buying shares

Strength of Signal: Medium

See comment of October 19th: Dana Petroleum – CEO invests at 853p having sold at 1886p in June.

On September 26th in ‘ITV directors dip their toes in the water- add to watchlist’ I noted purchases by three directors/senior managers at ITV (ITV, 39.5p) . I wanted to see further purchases before I bought the shares.

Over the last fortnight two non execs have also bought shares, in limited size, taking the number of directors buying shares to five.

Heather Killen, non exec, on October 1st bought 22,000 shares at 43p, initiating a position, and on October 9th Agnes Touraine, also a non exec, bought 100,000 shares at 37.5p.

Although these are relatively small purchases in $$ terms, it should be noted that all the five directors who have purchased shares (Griffiths- CFO, Fincham- Director of Television, Russell- Deputy Chairman, Killen- non exec, and Touraine – non exec) have initiated positions in ITV in the last month.

As a result of this, and the number of directors buying shares, the recent transactions act as a STRONG signal to investors.

View on ITV: POSITIVE- Directors buying shares

Strength of Signal: STRONG

Link to all comments on ITV.

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