Only a day after being appointed a non exec of Cairn (CNE,  1806p), Dr James Buckee has invested GBP 35k by buying 2000 shares at 1762p.

‘Dr Buckee was previously President and Chief Executive Officer of Talisman Energy Inc. Dr Buckee holds a BSc Honours in Physics from the University of Western Australia and a PhD in Astrophysics from Oxford University’ (Company website).

In October 2008,  six directors of Cairn invested just shy of GBP 480k at 1816p. See ‘Cairn Energy – Directors buyback closes negative view with 45% return’.

Since then Cairn have outperformed the market (FTSE 100) by 9%.

In April 2008 two non exec directors of Cairn sold shares at 2915p, and in May six directors sold shares at 3366p. From April to October Cairn fell 45%, which was 20% more than the market. See ‘Cairn Energy- non execs reduce holdings substantially’.

Based on historical performance,  I believe that any dealing activity by Cairn directors is worth listening to.

View on Cairn: Positive

Strength of signal:  Medium, no change from our comment of October 9th 2008.

News ahead: Operational Update from Cairn tomorrow (!) January 20th.

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