I’m not suggesting that Carphone Warehouse’s (CPW, 108.5) CEO Charles Dunstones message of ‘dread’ to his staff prompted Non Exec Chairman John Gildersleeves share sale.

Gildersleeve did say the sale of 138,000 shares at 108.75p was ‘for tax planning purposes’ (source:London Stock Exchange). But then I suppose he would be very unlikely to say ‘because the shares are expensive’ would he?

Gildersleeve is left with 246,000 shares post this sale.

Charles Dunstones email last month to staff was aimed at reducing costs and increasing subscriber numbers. Dunstone concluded by saying

“I am sorry to have to send such a grim message, but I feel it is my duty to prepare us for the worst; everything I read and observe fills me with dread for the state of the whole global economy” (Source: channelregister.co.uk reported 16th January 2009)

I suppose we should have paid more attention to mr Dunstones partner, David Ross, who in June last year sold 15 million shares to the Carphone Warehouse Employee Benefit Trust at 217.5p (June 19th 2008 source: London Stock Exchange). I bet the employees aren’t too chuffed.

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