Sir Roy Gardner- Compass Group Chairman

I was intrigued to see, on the 13th March, Roy Gardner, Chairman of Compass group PLC (CPG, 309p) putting £200k to work (25,000 shares at 310p). I looked at managements track record with investing in their company, and found them to be pretty successful- no great blunders, but not trading in and out either.

Richard Cousins, Compass Group CEO

I decided then that Compass Group should be watched. And hey presto, my inbox today shows the CEO Richard Cousins increasing his stake by 20% by buying 50,000 shares at 301.25p, investing £300k.

News ahead? Maybe a reassuring comment at the Trading Update on March 27th (see financial calendar).

Compass image

See also ‘The Compass points South‘ February 8th 2009.