Brambles Ld (BXB, 424p) has a secondary listing in London, and a primary listing in Sydney. I noticed a director selling £702k of shares, way down from the high, and wonder if this is a result of a slowdown in revenue at the group.

Brambles directors have been buying through 2006 and 2007, at prices between 506p and 557p in 10s and 20s (thousands of shares). The stock peaked in October 2007 at 650p. Then, last week, Craig van der laan de Vries, ‘Group President of CHEP Asia Pacific’ sells almost 20% of his holding, 160,000 shares at 440p, raising £702,000.

What does he know that we don’t know? Hazard a good guess.

Chep pallets

With 83% of Brambles revenues from CHEP, the global ‘bluepallets’ people, with sales split 44% Americas, 43% Europe, and 13% Rest of World, these guys have significant exposure to a slowing economy.

But then there could be 4% of the company coming to market pretty soon (see smh comment here).

The last news release was the interim results on Feb 21st, so don’t expect anything soon. But still I do find this a curious move by a director of the group, and as a result I believe that the risks from here forward lie on the downside.