I’ve noticed on my Google calendar that Brambles (BXB, 280p) Interims to December 2008 are due February 19th. Then I look at the recent share price movement, sharply lower over the week, falling by about 10%, and I wonder if the insiders are aware of pending bad news.

Craig van der Laan, Head of CHEP Asia Pacific, caught my eye through his share sales early last year (March 23rd: ‘Brambles directors sale- Economic slowdown starting to hit?‘).

Van der Laan continued to sell through March, May and June, following which we saw dissappointing results in August. Van der Laan has carried on selling, his last transaction was in October when he sold 180,000 shares at 328p (A$ 7.03).  He now owns directly only 15,000 shares (source : London Stock Exchange, Digitallook).

I’m not sure where we stand on the negotiations for the Walmart contract, but can imagine that both volume and price pressures would have continued to impact CHEP.

So put February 19th in your diary for an interesting set of results.

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Last news update- November 25th Bloomberg: ‘Shares slump in challenging conditions’.