I’m back from a weeks camping holiday with the family to find a whole load of share dealings by UK directors, but nothing hugely inspiring. Most of the ‘regulatory news reports’ issued by companies relate to directors exercising options granted as part of their pay, and selling sufficient shares to raise cash with which to pay the tax man.

In the case of AMEC (AMEC, 752p) I find that CFO Stuart Siddall exercised options on 200,000 shares, and sold them all (April 4th 2008). He has done this before, so this isn’t a change in behaviour. He owns now only 30,000 shares in AMEC, maybe more if you count share awards in the pipeline as options still to be exercised and realised. Maybe he is just a conservative investor.

Now lets look at Samir Brikho, appointed CEO in October 2006. He has about 1m shares in the pipeline, in the ‘Performance Share Plan 2006 and 2002’. Yet he has been buying more. On the 7th April he bought 16,000 shares at 718p, and on the 24th April 50,000 shares at 742p, taking him to 182,000 shares (excluding the unexercised options or shares mentioned above).

Is this significant? I’d say yes. Brikho has spent £483,000 and increased his position in AMEC by 50%.

The caveat on this call is that I don’t have a share transaction track record to look back at, and also that share ownership by the directors of AMEC is currently pretty limited in the number of directors (only 3). But I suspect that is about to change.