On April 25th we saw Samir Brikho, CEO of Amec (AMEC, 525p), increasing his holding by 50% and investing close to GBP 500k Amec– a difference of opinion CEO buys, CFO sells.’ 


On Friday October 10th Brikho bought a further 50,000 shares at 497p, investing GBP 250k, taking his holding to 232,000 shares.

Other directors have also been active:

October 7th Non executive Tim Faithfull buys 5000 shares at 533p, doubling his holding to 10,000 shares, and

October 8th, Jock Green-Armytage, Non executive Chairman, increases his holding by 50% by buying 5000 shares at 509p.

Also in September Ian McHoul, the new CFO, bought 9000 shares at 746p to take his holding to 60,000 shares.

In the three months after Brikhos April 25th purchases, Amec outperformed the FTSE 100 by 30%. They have now given up all that outperformance against the index, and with the share price near 500p represent another opportunity.

View of Directors dealings: Positive signal with three directors buying in the last week.

Strength of signal: Remains STRONG

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