Back in December I got all excited about Patrick Jollys lone purchase of 25,000 shares at 585p in Findel (FDL, 280p) (see my December article here). Since then the retailing economy in the UK has turned down, and Findel warned about an increase in bad debts. The share price is now £3 lower.

Just last week we had a reassuring set of results from Findel.

And since then four members of the board have been buying shares:

Patrick Jolly (CEO) has invested £21k at prices between 283 and 288p.

Anthony Johnson (Non exec director) has invested £58k at 292p.

Keith Chapman (Exec Chairman) has invested £740k at 296p, and

Ivan Bolton (Co Secy) has invested £33k at 272p.

All these purchases were made between the 15th and 19th of May, after the company declared results on the 15th of May.

I think four investors buying is a better signal than one.

Investing six times the money between them that Jolly did in December.

At half the price too!!