The biggest purchase for years by a director or non exec at Prudential (PRU, 333p), Harvey Mcgrath on Tuesday bought 291,000 shares at 343.29p, investing just shy of one million pounds (Source: London Stock Exchange).

McGrath was appointed a non exec of Prudential on September 1st, and is to take up the role of Chairman in the New Year. He worked at Man Group in various roles, moving to CEO in 1990 to 2000, and Chairman from 2000 to 2007 (Prudential website, Man Group website).

What is a million pounds to McGrath? Back in 2005 in the Andrew Davidson interview in The Times, he was said to be worth GBP 120m. That was with the Man share price at 20 quid. Man are now trading at under 4 pounds, and I’m sure, having run a hedge fund group, that McGrath will have hedged his position in Man. So let’s have a guess at GBP 75m.

In that case an investment of 1 million of the Bank of Englands finest folding doesn’t seem like such a huge punt.

But what this share purchase is is a vote of confidence in Prudential’s strategy to explore a possible purchase of AIG’s Asian business, and a vote of confidence in the groups Capital levels, and longer term probably a great money making opportunity by a hugely successful operator in the financial markets (Independent: Prudential reassures investors on capital levels).

How does this purchase rank on the followthedirectors scale? CEO Tucker bought shares in Prudential back in mid September, investing GBP 100k at between 485p and 511p, but increasing his holding by only 20k shares to 1.5m shares.

I’d like to see Tucker and McGrath followed by other directors of Prudential for this purchase to warrant a ‘Strong’ signal.

View on Prudential: Positive- directors buying

Strength of Signal: MEDIUM