IMI plc’s (IMI, 268p) CEO MJ Lamb has started to buy back shares in his company (co website).

Martin Lamb sold 105,000 shares at between 513p and 517p back in May this year. IMI are now trading at almost half that level now, in the 260p’s.

Lamb is dripping his money back in: Mrs Lamb bought 10,000 shares at 288.5p on October 14th. Lamb himself bought 5000 shares at 260p on October 24th.

Lambs colleague, CFO Douglas Hurt, has also been putting a few $ to work, with his wife buying 6500 shares at 288.5p, also on October 14th.

If you take a look at the IMI fact sheet (1MB download) you’ll see a group with a geographically diversified sales profile, which could presumably be a longer term beneficiary from weak Sterling.

View on IMI plc: Positive, directors buying

Signal strength: MEDIUM – requires a larger $$ amount to be invested, as well as more directors, to warrant a Strong rating.